The Great Western Family Fun Retreat 

Real Unplugged Family Fun

The Family Fun retreat is rustic !!But it is lots of fun. Recharge, unpug and bring your family out to set the record straight! YOU CAN TURN OFF YOUR PHONE, and look your loved ones in the eyes. I'm not sure you'e had this kind of fun at this price in a long time, well maybe ever! Three days of line dancing, rap battles, petting zoos, water slides, devotionals, air soft battles and So much more! Act quick the cut off time is almost here.

Join The Fun

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Q: Are friends welcome:

 Q: How Much Does It Cost?

What should we bring?

A: FFR iThe family fun retreat is at Hope Valley Camp Site . Cabin and food prices are:
 $75 - Individuals 
$ 175- Family rate 
contact us for more details
           [email protected]

A. We encourage families to invite friends and family. Especially unsaved loved ones. This tends to be a great time of pure family fun and it shows the world that serving God is not only fun and exciting but sincere. So invite!

.Essentially anything you would need on a camping trip. 
.Camping gear, tents, sleeping bags, cooler w/ drinks for your family, bathing suits etc. It's alway nice to bring extra to share!
. Food is included in your fee (Sat.-Sun